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Our lunch event sponsor on Wednesday 21st October will be Charles Shields, Director at Marked Improvement. A specialist e-learning agency and experts in hosting and supporting Learning Management Systems to train and assess staff online, Marked Improvement offers affordable, no-nonsense solutions to e-learning needs.

Our portfolio comprises a wide variety of clients and digital projects, in education; the public sector (NHS Trusts, councils, housing associations); and corporates ranging from SMEs with 20 staff to large corporates such as Toyota and Showsec.
In 2019 we launched our new coursebeam learning management system (LMS) and are in the process of migrating clients over to this from legacy systems. In autumn 2020 we are launching fullbeam, an extended version of coursebeam with additional HR system features.

Across all the LMSs and educational websites we support we have over 80,000 registered users and in our presentation we will briefly show some of the key features of coursebeam / fullbeam enabling businesses to keep their staff engaged during these difficult times.

Charles Shields has worked in e-learning / computer assisted learning since the mid-1990s. in almost every sector, including 15 years in Higher Education at the universities of Derby and Loughborough. At Loughborough University Charles was Head of E-learning between 2008-2015.

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