• We have received a 20 times Return on Investment!

    Just join – it is extremely affordable and great value for money and will be the best investment in a networking membership that you will ever make.

    Rupert Honywood Ownder, Business Growth Bureau

  • I have been able to position strategic partners and collaboratively work together on projects as a team, introduce and refer business, and have also developed some good friendships for advice and support. I have also been able to utilise connections for clients and non-clients from my network. The main benefit of membership has been direct sales opportunities

    Liz Springer Owner, LSB Consulting Ltd

    Direct sales opportunities
  • I have been able to grow my business far beyond my targets!

    I have been able to grow my business and network far beyond my targets! What I really like about Business Junction is the range of businesses that attend events. Everyone is friendly and open to making meaningful connections and I have had a picked up a good number of clients. Having a wide range of clients with an equally wide range of needs, I’ve also been able to assist their business growth by connecting with members whom I’ve yet to meet face to face via the online members' portal. The well chosen venues are always impressive and the choice of event timings suit my flexible working hours. I always recommend Business Junction to fellow London based business owners as there are opportunities awaiting companies of all shapes and sizes!

    Seema Mangoo Owner, Hourglass Business Services

  • I have been a member of Business Junction since 2015 and with no hesitation have renewed our membership. What appeals to me about Business Junction is the diversity in members and meeting venues. Events are always well attended and I have made great contacts and picked up some quality new business. Like all networking, ‘the more you put in the more you get out’!

    Hugh O'Neill Owner, Recognition Express

    No hesitation in renewing our membership!
  • Hugely beneficial and enjoyable networking.

    We have been part of the Business Junction family for a few years now and have found it to be hugely beneficial and enjoyable. The venues are always great and I have found the people I meet to be interesting and stimulating. We have made some valuable connections from our association with Business Junction and Fiona is expert at making sure you make the most of every meeting connecting people with complimentary interests. I have no hesitation in recommending Business Junction to all businesses no matter what size they are. We are hugely looking forward to the calendar of events for 2018/19!

    Aidan Cartwright Owner, November Labs

  • £250k has certainly made a significant impact on our sales! Through Business Junction we've worked directly with or been referred to businesses we would not otherwise have met, bringing in sales of over £250,000 which in turn has helped those clients win bids, explain their services and increase sales through video and animation.

    For me, though, the value is not just in selling but also buying. We met our branding agency and website designers at networking sessions. We still vetted them for their skills and value, but we only knew of them through networking. Our previous two offices spaces were found through email alerts we sent out and I've referred my clients to companies I've met at Business Junction which has reflected well on me. As a company that values building partnerships with their clients, for us Business Junction grows and matures our business connections.

    Gavin Ricketts Founder/Creative Director, Napoleon Creative

    £250k has certainly made a significant impact on our sales!
  • We have already invoiced £6k in fees with more work underway.

    Since joining Business Junction in 2012, I have met several truly genuine and quality associates which have already led to both client referrals and service providers to us. We have already invoiced £26k in fees with more work underway. The environment at the weekly Business Junction events, which are always held in such excellent and interesting places across London, has been consistently relaxed and enjoyable, making it very easy to make contact with people. A City Law Firm LLP can confidently say it has gained revenue unexpectedly quickly and is making a regular number of quality leads, good contacts and some nice friends. I would highly recommend this group to anyone looking for a network where they can make high quality business connections and gain a good return on their investment and time. My team look forward to the many events ahead this year.

    Karen Holden Owner, A City Law Firm