Welcome to the August 2019 edition of the Business Junction How We Met and Prospered blog series.

Last month we spoke to Daryl Lawson, Head of Marketing and Sales for London digital marketing agency, Bmoozd.

In this edition, we speak to Simon Beasley, Partner and Head of the Dispute Resolution team of Islintgton-based law firm, Bolt Burdon.

Hi Simon. Thanks for speaking with us today. Would you mind telling us a bit about you and Bolt Burdon?

I am a Partner and head up the Dispute Resolution team at Bolt Burdon. Our law firm aims to provide professional and practical advice, with a commitment to the service level of exceeding our client’s expectations. Our main focus is on Company/Commercial, property, employment and Wealth & Estate Planning work.

Thanks Simon. How long have Bolt Burdon been a members of Business Junction?

We have been a member for over 3 years now.

What made you become a member of Business Junction?

It was recommended to us by a connection of ours; the group has regular and well-organised events but without unnecessary formalities.

Excellent. Have you made any good connections from the  Business Junction network?

We have established good relationships with many other professionals there and are often now in contact with them outside of the group in relation to work.

Have these connections given you any business?

My approach to marketing is less ‘hard sell’ and more about finding likeminded people, if work comes from that then it is usually the start of long-term professional relationships.

Has Business Junction helped grow your network as a whole?

Yes, attending events regularly has allowed us to make connections, but also to keep in contact with those already in our network. Several people from my firm now attend regularly.

Have you received any referrals or sales as a result of Business Junction?

People at Business Junction have approached us for work and also suggested to other business and individuals, outside of the group, that they contact us to discuss instruction.

Thanks. Has Business Junction helped your Business in any other ways?

The events are often held at well catered and sometimes at famous venues, as well as those of some larger businesses. This has allowed us to then go on to use some of these for our own functions; we met the company who planned our last Christmas Party for example.

Thanks, Simon. Finally, do you have any last words for those who are thinking of joining Business Junction?

If you come to one event I think you will quickly gauge whether Business Junction is for you, but I would say to try at least one morning and evening event as they have different structures, based on the time of day the event is held.

About Bolt Burdon

Bolt Burdon is a law firm based in Islington, whose objective is to exceed your expectations every time.

Bolt Burdon provides a full range of legal services to commercial and private clients who seek a high level of service.

Excellent legal advice is a given – Bolt Burdon ensure this is delivered every time by employing the right people and investing in them.

Bolt Burdon know that they will not exceed expectations just by being good lawyers. Bolt Burdon believes every client deserves not only to be told what the law is but also given real practical advice on how best to proceed taking real life and commercial factors into account.

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