HOW WE MET AND PROSPERED MAY 2019: ROY CASTLEMAN, TWINWOODS ADVENTUREWelcome to the May 2019 edition of our How We Met and Prospered blog series. Last month, we spoke to Liz Springer of LSB Consulting Ltd.

In our May 2019 edition, we speak to Roy Castleman of Twinwoods Adventure.

Hi Roy, thanks for speaking to us about Twinwoods Adventure and what Business Junction means to you. Firstly, would you mind telling us a bit about your organisation, Twinwoods Adventure?

I now run 5 businesses, having started Prosyn (now EC-MSP Ltd) in 2002 after leaving a company called Computers in the City. I then started Mustard IT several years later. Three years ago I started a Hemp company - Hemp 2 Wellness.  I was then lucky enough to be able to buy Computers in The City, fifteen-odd years after I left the company. Finally last year in July I took over Bodyflight Ltd (Twinwoods Adventure) in Bedford: a multi-activity adventure centre including indoor skydiving, surfing, climbing, shooting and a range of other fun activities.  

How long have you been a Business Junction member?

We have been members for many years - for over 8 years I think.

What made you first become a Business Junction Member?

The drive for new business first led me to become a Business Junction member.

Would you mind telling us about some of the connections you have made since becoming a member, and how these have helped your own business?

Over the years I have made so many useful business contacts and friends. A noteworthy one is Zak Gottlieb, who is our website and SEO guru. He continues to be a driving force in achieving our marketing goals.

Has Business Junction helped you to grow your network as a whole?

I truly believe networking needs to be seen as an integral part of the sales and marketing processes and having a regular, reliable, high quality group like Business Junction is key to offering sales teams an environment in which they can flourish.

Have you received any referrals or sales opportunities as a result of the Business Junction network?

Over the years we have had many new business clients via the network, far too many to list here.

Thanks Roy. Finally, do you have any last words on the Business Junction network?

I have really enjoyed many of the lovely venues and buildings, lunches and other events that Fiona and her team have put on over the years. I can highly recommend Business Junction for business owners or sales teams. If they are looking to increase their company visibility with a very professional networking group, then this is the one!

About Twinwoods Adventure

Twinwoods Adventure Logo

Located just north of Bedford 
Twinwoods Adventure is a multi-activity adventure site with thrills, activities and facilities for all ages; attracting over 100,000 visitors per year from all over the world.

The Twinwoods Adventure site has been growing for over 10 years, bringing the latest innovations in leisure all under one roof.

Twinwoods Adventure is perfect for family days out, groups, parties, company days out, team building or large events and functions.

Facilities include :

- Hotel Accommodation
- Restaurant
- Licensed Bar
- Leisure Spa with Pool, Gym, Sauna, Steam
- Children's Softplay Area

As a special promotion to Business Junction members, Twinwoods Adventure would like to offer a 20% discount to any Business Junction member who would like to take part in any of Twinwood Adventure’s activities. To claim this offer simply use the discount code BJN20 when booking.

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